c=1 Midnight Rider- a collection of photographs

Spitzbergen 2001
Aboard the MS Endeavour we toured the ice packs in search of polar bears. From the safety of our ship we came across many bears, mostly solitary males hunting for seals. Spitzbergen is an island group owned by Norway and located about 900 miles south of the North Pole.

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uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=60.jpg Road Sign / Spitzbergen 2001
I caught this road sign in the City of Longyerbyn.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=61.jpg Our Ship / Spitzbergen 2001
This is a shot of the MS Endeavour taken from a kayak. When we were out kyaking, there were ship's staff posted with rifles in case a maurading polar bear decided to get too close to us.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=58.jpg Glacial Waterfall / Spitzbergen 2001
Our ship approached a waterfall going off of a glacier. The captian eventually got the ship close enought so that the people on the bow were soaked with ice cold water.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=57.jpg Longyerbyn / Spitzbergen 2001
This is a shot of part of the city of Lonyerbyn on the island of Svalbard. This remote city is primairly home to researchers and polar bears!
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=59.jpg Hills and water / Spitzbergen 2001
This photo shows the contrast between the hills, ice and water. The green and yellow on the hills is lichen, the only vegetation able to survive the harsh climate.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=16.jpg Polar Bear / Spitzbergen 2001
On our trip to Sbalbard our boat looked for bears amongst the ice flow. This one is about 6 feet tall at his shoulder. While he looks cuddly, he would not hesitate for a second to make us his dinner.