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France 2006
I travelled to France with a good friend to enjoy the streets of Paris, the healing powers of Lourdes, and the beaches of Nice, as well as the fine cusine, culture and excellent red wine!

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uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=93.jpg Small Street / France 2006
I was walking around Paris and saw this small, gated street that caught my attention.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=80.jpg Barkeep / France 2006
We dined at a bistro in the Monremart district of Paris where we ran into a local barkeeper.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=86.jpg Paris is for Lovers / France 2006
I saw this couple sitting on the side of the Siene river.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=87.jpg Merry Go Round / France 2006
By Sacre Coeur there's a merry go round where we watched children circle around.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=89.jpg Pavers / France 2006
A street in Montremart
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=90.jpg Universal / France 2006
I love people photos, and caught this dad and daughter watching a street performer in Paris.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=91.jpg Sacre Coeur / France 2006
A view of Sacre Coeur from a nearby street.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=92.jpg Church of St. Eustache / France 2006
Located near the Pompidou Centre, the Church of St. Eustache offers interesting architecture.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=88.jpg Window / France 2006
Paris is filled with wonderful sights and photo opportunities. This window is in a building just off the Champs d'Elysee.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=82.jpg Lourdes / France 2006
This is a view of the Grotto where almost 150 years ago a young girl named Bernadette saw the Immaculate Conception in a series of 15 appearences.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=81.jpg Lourdes / France 2006
At the base of the Pyrenees Mountains is the city of Lourdes. There is a wonderful outlok, but to avoid a steep hike, the funicular is much easier and more senic!
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=83.jpg Lourdes Tower / France 2006
Above the grotto is a church with a magnificant tower.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=84.jpg Fort in Lourdes / France 2006
On a small hill above Lourdes sits a fort that protects the city.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=85.jpg View of Lourdes / France 2006
On the lookout high above the city, this vantagepoint offers wonderful views.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=94.jpg Cape D'Agre / France 2006
A popular vacation spot for the French, Cape D'Agre has popular beaches, as well as a nude beach (sorry, no photos of that!).
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=95.jpg Cape D'Agre beachgoers / France 2006
I took this shot from the boardwalk by the beach.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=96.jpg Boys digging at Cape D'Agre / France 2006
I think there is something universal about boys of all ages and digging in the sand!
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=97.jpg Nice Beach / France 2006
Along the Promenade d'Anglais lies a wonderful beach. Very popular, although there are stones instead of sand but the warm water makes up for that.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=98.jpg Don at Nice / France 2006
This is a photo of my on the boardwalk in Nice.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=99.jpg Nice Umbrellas / France 2006
There are many private areas along the beach where on can rent a chair and umbrella to enjoy the beach.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=100.jpg Nice Fireworks 1 / France 2006
While we were in Nice there was a festival for St. Teresa, the patron of the sea. The evening was capped off with a spectacular fireworks show.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=101.jpg Nice fireworks 2 / France 2006
More fireworks on Nice Bay.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=102.jpg Guard Dog / France 2006
An interesting building complete with security.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=103.jpg Nice Church Tower / France 2006
An interesting tower in a church in Nice.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=104.jpg Cheese / France 2006
We took a side trip to the market in San Remo, Italy, where I took this photo of a cheese vendor's wares.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=106.jpg San Remo Church / France 2006
Also on our Italian side trip, I took this photo of a local church.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=107.jpg Red House / France 2006
In Nice I came across a simple red house.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=108.jpg St. Paul de Vance / France 2006
On another side trip from Nice we visited the walled city of St. paul de Vance. This is a section of the wall dating back to the 16th. century.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=109.jpg St. Paul de Vance / France 2006
This door was typical of the architecture in the walled city.