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Galapagos & Panama 1998
With my 13 year old daughter, we flew to Quito, Ecuador, then on to the Galapagos Islands. There we spent a week on a sailing ship visitiing many of the islands and traversing the equator countless times. Afterwards, we spent a few days in Panama City, Panama, and were able to visit the Panama Canal, taking a small boat tour and stopping at a small island where the indians live as they have for hundreds of years.

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uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=22.jpg Galapagos Tortise / Galapagos & Panama 1998
A tortise on one of the Galapagos Islands. This animal was believed to be over 100 years old.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=33.jpg Iguana / Galapagos & Panama 1998
The ubiquitous iguanas of the Galapagos Islands are rich in their colors. This one was about 2 feet long. Iguanas are very slow movers, and the one species in the Galapagos have evolved into excellent swimmers.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=40.jpg Native Girl in Panama / Galapagos & Panama 1998
During a tour of the Panama Canal, we stopped at a native village. This little girl and her brother were very curious about us.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=34.jpg Iguana Trails / Galapagos & Panama 1998
I watched as this iguana walked away from me, its tail leaving a trail in the sand.