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Nicaragua 2006
I visited Nicaragua as a part of a humanitarian mission sponsored by my Rotary Club. There were 13 of us who went down to help deliver goats, which we donated, to remote villages.

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uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=153.jpg Our dinner / Nicaragua 2006
Lunch and dinner consisted of the same thing. Rice, potatoes and chicken. We were greatly honored to receive chicken as they normally do not eat much meat.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=154.jpg A wealthy village family / Nicaragua 2006
The father of this family worked over 20 years in the US and returned to his village where he took a young bride and started a family. He was one of the wealthiest men in the village.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=155.jpg A girl / Nicaragua 2006
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=156.jpg Jumprope / Nicaragua 2006
Some of the women in our group brought along a jumprope and taught the local girls how to jump.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=158.jpg Local kids / Nicaragua 2006
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=159.jpg Local kids / Nicaragua 2006
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=160.jpg The kitchen / Nicaragua 2006
This is the kitchen in the local house where our meals were cooked.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=161.jpg Local man / Nicaragua 2006
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=162.jpg Local man / Nicaragua 2006
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=163.jpg Local man with his new goat / Nicaragua 2006
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=164.jpg Community leader's house / Nicaragua 2006
This home belongs to a wealthy community leader.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=165.jpg Shot through cactus / Nicaragua 2006
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=166.jpg Valerie with baby goat / Nicaragua 2006
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=152.jpg Checking out Photos / Nicaragua 2006
One nice thing about digital cameras is that we could show the kids the photos we took of them right away.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=151.jpg Brother and Sister / Nicaragua 2006
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=36.jpg Nicaraguan Family / Nicaragua 2006
In the remote village of Punto Blanca we met many people, including this family. The villagers were open, warm and friendly towards us.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=37.jpg Coffee Plantation / Nicaragua 2006
Taken at the Selva Negra Coffee Plantation in Malagapa, Nicaragua. Note the coffee plants below the tree.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=38.jpg Museum Door / Nicaragua 2006
Our visit to Managua, Nicaragua, included a tour of the national museum, which used to be the National Assembly during the days of the dictator Anastasion Somoza. This was taken from the back of the museum.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=53.jpg Rear Window / Nicaragua 2006
My friend Val was sitting in front of me on the bus when I took this photo of her in the window. Note the details that emerge as you look at the picture, including the mountains in the background and the strips on the road. While it may look like I modified this photo, it is orignial with only a slight tweeking to bring out the brightness.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=75.jpg Our Goats / Nicaragua 2006
This is one of the goats we delivered to the remote villages to proide them with milk, hair, and baby goats to share with others.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=76.jpg Nicaragua National Cathedral / Nicaragua 2006
This is the National Cathedral in Managua. It was made inhabitable by an earthquake in 1980 (?), but left to stand as it is a national symbol.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=77.jpg National Museum / Nicaragua 2006
This is the stair leading to the second floor of the National Museum. This building housed the Parliment, which was a puppet legislative body under the dictator Somoza.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=78.jpg Typical Home / Nicaragua 2006
This house typlifies the type of homes the villagers inhabit in the remote, poverty stricken villages we went to.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=79.jpg Sunset at Selva Negra / Nicaragua 2006
After our visits to the villages, we spent the night at a coffee plantation/ resort called Selva Negra, in Malagapa. This shot is at sunset over the small lake.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=147.jpg Baby goat / Nicaragua 2006
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=148.jpg Boy / Nicaragua 2006
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=149.jpg Boy / Nicaragua 2006
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=167.jpg Woman with child / Nicaragua 2006
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=150.jpg Boys / Nicaragua 2006