c=9 Midnight Rider- a collection of photographs

Palau 2006
On a family mission to see the wreck of my uncle's plane (he was shot down during WW II), my sister, neice and I had the opportunity to visit some areas usually off limits to tourists. I decided to stay a few extra days and take advantage of some of the best diving in the world.

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uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=31.jpg Joe / Palau 2006
This is our guide on the island of Peleilu. Joe was featured on Survivor Palau. Between his teeth he is chewing the mildly narcotic beetle nut.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=66.jpg Peleilu / Palau 2006
This is a shot of "rush hour" in downtown Pelielu.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=74.jpg Sunset / Palau 2006
This was taken at sunset at the Palau Pacific Resort, a wonderful resort on the island of Koror.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=68.jpg Canyon Floor / Palau 2006
This is a sample of what we saw on the floor of Horseshoe Canyon, where up to 10,000 men lost their lives in September of 1944. Note the Japanese helmet, live mortar round, and ammo box. Scenes such as this were quite common, as the remains of war were left where the laid as a tribute to the lives lost here.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=69.jpg Japanese Tank / Palau 2006
Allowed to rest where is stopped, the roads were built around this tank.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=65.jpg Diver / Palau 2006
While I was diving I gave my camera to my dive buddy and had him take this photo. Notice the wall to my left.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=46.jpg Shark / Palau 2006
While diving off of Palau we anchored ourselves to a reef and watched as a parade of sealife went by in the current. This shark was only one of many. Since we were likely to fight back if attacked, and the easy food was plentiful, we were in no danger.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=67.jpg Why the Sharks Aren't Hungry for Divers / Palau 2006
The abundance of schools of beautiful fish continues to amaze me. This is just a small example. There were much larger schools that swam past me. With a food supply like this, it's no wonder the sharks leave the divers alone- after all, we might fight back!
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=72.jpg Manata Ray / Palau 2006
We dove at a feeding station for Manta rays, and waited at the bottom in about 40 feet of water. This magnificant manta made several passes right in front if us. Notice its mouth open to feed on plankton.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=70.jpg Sarah and the Jellyfish / Palau 2006
My niece Sarah reaches for a non-stinging jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=39.jpg Jellyfish / Palau 2006
Jellyfish Lake in Palau contains jellyfish who, over many years, evolved in this landlocked lake. Their stingers are so mild that humans can't even feel them. There are 6 lakes with non stinging jellyfish, and all but this one are off limits to tourists.
uploaddir=../photos/ PHOTO=71.jpg Jellyfish / Palau 2006
A jellyfish near the surface to take energy from the sun and to eat the plankton that grows at there. This was a common scene at Jellyfish Lake.